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Name:Nico Viergever
Company:NVi Project Management
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Change Management
Project (Management)
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Organizational advice. Making projects and programmes more predictable and more successful.

Nico has a strong conviction that how an organization is organized affects organizational culture. His observation is that organizational culture is often overlooked when it comes to organizational change. His advice is targeted at increasing the flexibility of organizations and includes a critical analysis of the system in place. Furthermore, he believes that people's initiative is a key success factor. His approach is characterized by openness and honesty. In his direct approach to problems and issues Nico knows how to trigger critical thinking across the organization. He developed a personal vision of how organizational culture affects the flexibility of an organization.

Framework topics:
  • Change Management
  • Project (Management)

Implementing PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 is a useful tool only if applied correctly by the right people. Nico has the power of conviction, providing strong arguments, and deep understanding of project dynamics necessary in the implementation process. He looks at critical behavioural aspects and investigates how PRINCE2 will affect various functions of an organization, including Finance, Procurement, IT and all business units where projects are executed. As an external consultant he know how to deal with sensitive changes thanks to his experience and external role. He strongly believes that the failure of PRINCE2 implementation is often due to a focus on procedural change (e.g. emphasis on Templates) instead of knowledge application and behaviour. In short, a PRINCE2 implementation is about people, and their behaviour and interests.

Framework topics:
  • Project (Management)
  • Change Management

Evaluation and guarantees. More specifically, guarantees imposed by taking a sponsorship role responsible for the operational management during a project or programme. Evaluation of goals, plans, project organization, and health check / status assessment.

Failing projects have a deep business impact, including motivation of people involved and their reputation. The causes of failure are often rooted in risks and the inability to deal with them. The question is whether an organization continues to neglect such risks. As a rule of thumb, it is better to prevent issues than to look for ad hoc solutions. Nico can for example assist in preventing unwanted outcomes by examination of the viability of an idea, assessment of how risks are managed and contained, and exposing unforeseen surprises.

Framework topics:
  • Project (Management)


As Project Management Coach Nico helps Project leaders and managers to turn around failing projects. His approach is characterised by finding answers to pragmatic questions as to empower individuals. For example, Nico helps to provide insight in discourse of expectations and outcomes, the effect of practical interventions for increased success, consequences of actions, and the role of Stakeholders in relation to envisioned change and change processes.

Framework topics:
  • Project (Management)

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